Creative Inclusive Cultures Spring 2019 News Update

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We kicked off 2019 with and number of events which explored our theme for the year - Transparency and Truths. We’ve had some insightful conversations on this topic so far, and details of our summer series of events will be shared with you soon. We have also shared a Creating Inclusive Cultures Report based on learning points and actions taken in partnership with our CIC partners on key issues, across all our regions.

While we’ve been busy, Brexit rumbles on! It’s impacted the D&I sector too with the delay in replacing Sarah Newton as Minister for Disabled People, whilst other legislation, such as the Civil Partnerships Bill which received Royal Assent in March, has progressed.

It’s likely that Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting will become mandatory following the consultation which closed in January. However, it seems organisations are not yet prepared for this new requirement. A PwC report ‘Taking the Right Approach’ found that a fraction of UK business has carried out any analysis of their ethnicity pay gap. Another survey of 80 organisations, found that 40% of those surveyed had concerns around legal restrictions and GDPR compliance and 75% said they did not have data to analyse their ethnicity pay gap. The Equality and Human Rights Commission have published guidance on this topic which can be found here.

CIC partner, EY have already published their ethnicity pay gap findings. Steve Varley, EY UK Chairman commented that: ‘The pay gap legislation is more than a compliance issue for us as a firm. It will help us continue to understand what more we have to do, to create a better gender and ethnic balance at our most senior levels’.

CIC Transparency and Truths Events Programme

CIC partners visited the Human Library at BNY Mellon in Manchester in February. Participants ‘read’ books - people from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and cultures shared their life stories.

The Human Library was founded in Denmark in 2000 and aims to create a dialogue between very different individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to talk to each other. We were delighted to partner with them for this event which challenged us all on our stereotypes and prejudices.

“Thank you for yesterday, it was absolutely fascinating, and I very much enjoyed ‘reading’ with you! Please send my thanks to the Human Library - they were just brilliant.”

CIC Webinars

Our first Transparency and Truths webinar of the year was led by Dr Lynda Shaw. Lynda shared her insights and research on why D&I programmes don’t work. Illustrating how our reality is totally different for every one of us, this reality begins to be established before we are even born! Lynda suggested that changing habits was key to changing behaviour and that training around inclusion needs to focus on getting people to recognise their own habits, rather than calling out different perspectives.

In short, changing habits will contribute to changing the culture of the organisation. Breaking habits is intrinsically driven by reward, so any training on D&I must make it clear to participants ‘what’s in it or me?’

Perry Timms, Founder of People and Transformational HR, was our guest for our second webinar. Perry shared his perspective on an agile workplace, going beyond the idea of a flexible work space, to teams and the organisation itself acting as an agile entity. Key features of Agile Perry shared were organisational design, energy, ownership and inclusivity.

Perry shared examples of agile organisations which included Buurtzorg in Holland, Madison in the US and Salford Council in the UK. He concluded that in the future, leaders will control less and co-ordinate and respond more, allowing people to be more self-directed in the workplace.

CIC partners can access these webinars on the member section of the website.

Round Table with Hays

CIC partners, Hays, hosted a very lively and productive discussion on the issues facing construction, engineering and housingand how to attract and retain talent. Organisations shared their frustrations around getting young people interested in the sector and agreed some actions which could be worked on in a collaborative way. Participants agreed that this was a useful session and have agreed to meet again to continue exploring the issues.

CIC Events Coming Soon

Look out for events in our Transparency and Truths programme which will include an Innovation Forum on BAME recruitment and retention - a popular topic which continues to prove challenging for many organisations. We’re also continuing our Junior Board programme in Leeds and holding an Innovation Forum event on bench marking and standards.

Guest Blogs

CIC partners are invited to share their thoughts on any aspect of D&I through a guest blog which would feature on our website. Please get in touch if you have a theme or topic that would fit our Transparency and Truths agenda.