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Diversity and inclusion has always been important part of our ethos and values, but over the last couple of years we have been actively engaged in raising even more awareness across our organisation about the importance of a diverse workplace...

Jennifer Thomas,
Head of Financial Communications,
Direct Line Group
Direct Line Group

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Create Change.

Creating Inclusive Cultures is the forum for businesses who want to create thriving workplaces for all, working together and learning from each other. The forums focus on key issues, city by city, ensuring that regional insights and knowledge are part of the solution.

The forums are thriving in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. Throughout 2018 we will announce other cities that are joining the business forum focused on creating more inclusive cultures.

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The companies and employers involved know that the world is changing. They know that how we have worked in the past will not guarantee success in the future. They know that creating more diverse and inclusive cultures will help them achieve better business results and they know they can’t do this alone!


Companies and employers will benefit from collaborating at all levels via:

  • Advisory Board where the themes and direction for each City are developed
  • City Leaders Forum where focus is placed on the strategic diversity and inclusion issues important to each City
  • Events for people at all levels to raise awareness and connectivity across each City
  • Engage with existing networks and ensure diversity and inclusion is firmly on their radar


Companies and employers will influence the industry by:

  • Commissioning new thought leadership on issues relating to diversity and inclusion
  • Contribute to a learning network where ideas will be built upon
  • Challenge current thinking on how change can be delivered differently

Create Change

Companies and employers will create a new way of working by:

  • Focus on specific corporate issues influenced by diversity and inclusion which relevant to the companies and cities
  • Raise the profile of the companies and leaders striving for change within each City
  • Share progress – the good, the bad and the ugly!


Creating Inclusive Cultures launched in Leeds in November 2015, followed by Manchester and Birmingham in 2016.
Contact us for more information on our plans and how you and your city could get involved.

Founding Supporters

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What Our Supporters Say

As the leading recruiting experts in qualified, professional and skilled people, people sit at the heart of our business, both in the people who we employ and also the services that we offer. Hays is proud to be a founding member of CIC. We are confident that CIC will play a key role in enabling organisations to realise the many benefits of having a truly diverse workforce. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring our expertise to this programme and also actively share its recommendations with our many clients in the Yorkshire regions.”

Pam Lindsay-Dunn,
Managing Director of Hays in Yorkshire

The Bright Horizons community is a vibrant tapestry made of children, families, and employees who represent many different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We strive to create a culture that values and includes every individual and celebrates unique differences. Our commitment to diversity is fundamental to supporting the success of our company, so that we may understand and respond to the challenges of our clients, the needs of the families whom we serve, and the evolving goals of our employees. As leaders in our field our partnership with Creating Inclusive Cultures is part of our ongoing intent to provide environments which are fully inclusive and where everyone feels they are in “the right place”.

James Tugendhat,
Managing Director, International, Bright Horizons

Diversity and inclusion has always been important part of our ethos and values, but over the last couple of years we have been actively engaged in raising even more awareness across our organisation about the importance of a diverse workplace. We recognise the direct correlation it can have on creativity, innovation and collaboration, which not only creates a dynamic working environment, but can also drive real benefits for our customers. As a business that has a strong presence in the Leeds area, we are delighted and proud to be part of such an important initiative as a founding member of the CIC. We look forward to sharing our ideas and expertise to drive the diversity and inclusion agenda even further within the region.”

Jennifer Thomas,
Head of Financial Communications, Direct Line Group

Mercer is passionate about creating an inclusive workplace. We all live in diverse communities and are committed to realising the benefits of diversity and inclusion at Mercer. Mercer became involved in Creative Inclusive Cultures to collaborate with a range of other employers on best practice around diversity and inclusion. We are committed to changing our culture and embracing diversity. This will allow us to better support all employees to progress their careers. It will also allow us to attract a range of highly talented employees who are vital to meeting and exceeding our business objectives.”

Simon Turner,
Leeds DB Leader, Mercer